Photo by Peter Brooker/REX/Shutterstock (124150c) James Brown James Brown in concert, Wembley Arena, London, Britain – 1986

LilXPimp takes us behind the scenes of his ‘Body Loose’ playlist.

It’s Monday and you already know that our Za’mood playlists – available on our Spotify account – have been updated and they’re ready to enhance your thoughts, feelings, and vibes.

But here’s something new. LilXPimp has decided to take us behind the scenes of his ‘Body Loose’ playlist, teaching us something more about his Club Culture journey. Through his playlist, he reveals musical and technical skills, plus some fun facts, of the most important artists who traced the musical evolution from the ’70s to the ’90s. It’s James Brown of course. Artwork by Massimiliano Marzucco. 


James Brown, aka Funky President, was born in 1933 and died in 2006. He can be truly considered as the inventor and the first pioneer of funk music.

During the ’60s he began to emphasize the upbeat of each bar, rather than on the beat; this rhythmic change, highlighted by syncopated guitars which play on the upbeat, is clear in one of his first famous track, ‘Papa’s got a Brand New Bag ‘ (1965):

During the 70’s Mr.Brown started changing the number of bars and distorting the musical writing: he began to compose songs no longer following the rule of 18 bars – like soul and blues ones. You can find this technical change in the famous song ‘Get Up’, better known as ‘Sex Machine’:

In 1974 he performed in front of 120,000 people along with other artists like Etta James, B.B. King, and Bill Withers during the pre-show concert for the historic Ali-Foreman fight. The explosion of Disco Music compromised his career as a soul music artist until 1984 when the DJ, singer, songwriter and producer Afrika Bambaataa decided to collaborate with the Funky President for his track ‘Unity’:

His career continued with ups and downs until 1986, when he was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. James Brown is the artist who has the highest number of singles ranked in the Billboard Hot 100 – second only to Elvis Presley – and according to WhoSampled, he is the most sampled artist of all time. Fun fact: the first hip-hop record to use a James Brown’ sample was ‘Eric B. Is President’ by Eric B. & Rakim.

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