What Za’Mood are you in?

We know there are days when you feel really great, like when you have a day-off. Some other days all you need is your bed to stay in and cry, or you want to go out and party with friends. What about those days when all you want is to dance by yourself?

Whatever your mood is, we know one thing for sure: music will always be there for you enhancing those thoughts, feelings, and vibes. So we proudly invite you all to discover our Za’mood playlists, available on our Spotify account.

Every month, 3 of our DJs will release their own tracks filled playlists that represent a certain mood. And don’t miss the update: every week each DJ will add extra vibes to his selection, always in the same Za’mood.


#7 ZA’MOOD SOUL TRIP | by Athonal

Federico Rustioni aka Athonal is a Milanese DJ who started his career focusing on electroclash and electropop music, than to synth pop, indie, disco and hip-hop.

He played in some of the most famous clubs in Milan like Tunnel Club, Magnolia, Amnesia, Magazzini Generali, and of course, at Rocket Club with a monthly residency for Akeem of Zamunda. His ‘Soul trip’ playlist is all about the road to self-awareness: everyone knows himself better than anyone else who surrounds him; it’is a long and intricate path, made of busy roads, stops and delays, and even if this music proposal doesn’t really know you, it will keep you company wherever you are.


#8 ZA’MOOD POWER FOOL | by Argentina’s Babygirl

Sol is a DJette and stylist born in Ushuaia, Argentina, and living in Milan; since last September she’s part of our fam: her unusual background gave her different perspective on seeing nature, music, fashion and art and that’s exactly what makes her style recognizable.

Power fool’ playlist is all about women: every track will make you think of the immense strength of women, their sensitivity and their beauty; it’s a musical tribute, created to remind us that there is a key for everything. For all the women in our lives who need a power boost of encouragement, this Girl Power Playlist is for you!


#9 ZA’MOOD LAWLESS | by Kosmi

If you’ve ever come to Akeem of Zamunda, you already know that Kosmi is more than just a resident DJ, he’s the heart & soul of our GoGo Room. His long career – from being a former member of Casa Del Fico and Pooglia Tribe to 88Bros Project to MTV BEST ITALIAN ELECTRONICS nominee (2014) has led him recently to a new exciting music newborn, independent label Gogo Records. If you are used to sweating and wiggling between the dark GoGo Room walls, youìl be surprised: his ‘Lawless’ playlist is the way to discover new sounds. You won’t need the backpack, or tour guides, this playlist is made just for those who live by instinct and doesn’t care about trends and hype. So, it’s time to go out, put the headphones on and let your feet transforming the street into a dancefloor.


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