Following its release in September, Little Simz has come through with a brand-new video for her latest single, ‘Boss’.

On her newest track, Simz makes it clear that her hard-earned status is one she has fought for and one that she intends to keep. And this is extended to the black-and-white visuals where she’s seen sitting comfortably in an armchair and dancing freely in a long dress.

Director Jeremy Ngatho Cole shared:

“For ‘Boss’ I wanted to make something with Simz that felt immediate and striking without any gimmicks. On the track it’s just Simz, so I wanted to showcase her performance directly. I wanted it to feel classic. We shot on 16mm, digital and tape so the aesthetic was layered but simple.”

Like her previous single ‘Offence‘, ‘Boss’ is dominated by heavy instrumentation and presumably a taste of what to expect from her upcoming material. The UK emcee has made her mark on the industry with her intelligent rhymes which artfully welcome listeners to bear witness to her experiences and journey.

Watch the video for ‘Boss’ above.


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