Looking for something to watch in these cold days? The Ryan Murphy-directed show ‘Pose‘ is the answer, now available on Netflix.

Ryan Murphy, which also directs the American Horror Story seasons and American Crime Story: People vs. O.J. Simpson and American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, figures another subject for his work. The New York balls culture of 1980, where drag queen and gay found their own house to belong.

Murphy fronts a problem of nowadays, talking about the beginning of LGBTQ+ community and their conditions of life, that often were precarious, takes to light what meant to be a drag queen, a transexual, and a gay person, during the ’80s in a big city like New York.

The cast consists of all transgender and gay actors and actresses.

It’s pretty beautiful see both sides of the coin, from the glamorous and glittery scenes of the balls, where  a house races for trophies, to the poor conditions of living of the main characters, that struggle to find a work and to be accepted in a gay bar, having no choice but become prostitutes. But also both sides of the ‘normal life’ of Stan, portrayed by the Ryan Murphy beloved Evan Peters, who works in Trump Tower and he’s unhappily married, and become the affected client of the transexual Angel, which is portrayed by the model Indya Moore.

Blanca (portrayed by M.J. Rodriguez), that is the mother of the House of Evangelista (like the supermodel), and Elektra (portrayed by Dominique Jackson), mother of the House of Abundance, are the characters that faced each other and, most of all, faced big changes, like the consciousness of dying for HIV-positive test, that follows the AIDS, and the will of change sex, and being a complete woman.

And there’s the drama of a suburb gay boy with the dream of dancing, Damon, portrayed by Ryan Jamaal Swain, that is kicked out by his parents for being gay and lives on the streets before joining the House of Evangelista.

All the characters grow up and find a way to be happy beside their limits.
The series quotes the name of the House of Xtravaganza, which was the most popular House of the ball culture at the end of the ’80s (there’s the documentary ‘Paris is Burning’ about them).

Being a transgender and a no-binary guy is still a problem in our society, even if the ‘Pose’ story is set more than thirty years ago. So, big up to Ryan Murphy, the world needs more show like this.

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