French Kiwi Juice, or FKJ for short, is baking some new music in his kitchen, and in the meantime, he drops the new single ‘Leave My Home’.

Known as Vincent Fenton to his friends, FKJ is a multi-instrumentalist artist of the Parisian electronic scene. With incredibly groovy loops, classy hip-hop rhythms, gloriously funky basslines, and richly colorful synth sounds, FKJ’s music stands up to comparison with the masters of the genre, in fact, FKJ has been described as a “pioneer” and “one of the flag bearers” of the new New French House genre.

Several cooperations, the most popular are the Masego’s track “Tadow” and Tom Misch’s “Losing My Way”, and a lot of performances at the most important music festivals, including Coachella in 2017, EUPHORIA, CRSSD, and Lightning in a Bottle, made FKJ one of the best rising artists of the actual scene (and we already recommend him to you here).

Every performance is absolutely incredible, and while you’re watching on it you will be impressed looking at him moving by an instrument to another. Above, FKJ is playing an exclusive live set in world’s largest salt flat Salar de Uyuni for Cercle, in the middle of the water, which let you some nostalgic feelings and a sense of poetry.
Even if FKJ is still a new one here around, he’s going to go big.

After watching his amazing performance for Cercle above, have a listen to his new song here below.

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