On Thursday May 9th the mysterious Neapolitan singer Liberato finally made his come back.

More than a year after his last releases ‘INTOSTREET‘ and ‘JE TE VOGLIO BENE ASSAJE‘, the artist with no face is once again what everyone talks about. Liberato released his new project which consists of five new singles and his first album .

The five songs belong to a video-series written and directed by Francesco Lettieri, the director who worked on all the singer’s projects. ‘Capri Rendez-Vous‘, the video-series, is about a love story that evolves throughout the years, since 1960s until today.

It all starts in 1966, on a black and white screen, when Carmine, a young man, and Marie, a French actress, fall in love in Capri on the notes of ‘GUAGLIÒ‘ and ‘OI MARÌ‘.

In 1975 the two lovers meet again in a disco of the Seventies on the notes of ‘NUNN’A VOGLIO ‘NCUNTRÀ‘.

When their lives already evolved differently, Carmine and Marie get to spend more time together in 1993 on the notes of ‘TU ME FAJE ASCÌ PAZZ’‘.

The love story comes to an end in 2019 on the notes of ‘NIENTE‘, when Marie is now on her own.

As usual, Liberato never appears in the visuals. And the topics are fame, the concept of time, Romanticism and the true Neapolitan souls of the characters. The style of the direction pays homage to the Great Italian Cinema. And at the very end of the series, we can find thanks to everyone who inspired ‘Capri RDV’.

Watch all the episodes above and stream LIBERATO below.

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