Jamila Woods, the impressive 29-year-old multi-talented artist from Chicago, first came into the national spotlight by way of Chance The Rapper affiliation in 2016, then via her own hype from the impressive début HEAVN the following year.

Her second full-length album LEGACY! LEGACY! is inspired by people who have made a lasting impact on Woods. Each of the 13 songs is named after one of these beloved individuals.

There are references to Jimmy Baldwin (“Baldwin”); artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (”Basquiat”); actress/activist Eartha Kitt (“Eartha”), and poet Nikki Giovanni (“Giovanni”, her early single and one of her best songs). More than just giving the song titles the names of historical black icons of literature, art, and music, Jamila Woods builds a sonic and lyrical monument to the various modes of how these icons tried to push beyond the margins a country had assigned to them

Supporting the R&B singer on the powerful LEGACY! LEGACY!  are a number of fellow Chicagoans such as Nico Segal of The Social ExperimenttheMIND, JasminfireNitty Scott, and Saba. Production was handled by past collaborator Oddcouple alongside Chance the Rapper associate Peter Cottontale, and rising artist Slot-A.

Here below you can find the new album and her latest videos. Don’t be lazy. Stream and watch, you won’t regret it!


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