Another one. Which is also the last one of the series of videos that DJ Khaled has been dropping the whole day last Friday. ‘Jealous‘ samples Diana King’s 90s hit ‘Shy Guy’ and it features Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Big Sean.

She, she post a pic of me and her from off her iPad
You know them hoes don’t like that, where the likes at?
Jealousy is a disease, you can die mad

The six-minute clip was co-directed by DJ Khaled and Eif Rivera. And it kicks off Jennifer Lopez meeting up with Khaled and giving him some advice on staying focus despite all the jealous people around. Chris Brown goes first singing in front of luxury cars and beautiful women. Khaled then places some bets with Chris, Wayne and Sean that include a car race, a horse race and a both race. In the end, they all come together with Asahd making a short cameo.

Watch ‘Jealous’ visuals above.

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