Daniel Caesar surprises us with the release of his new album CASE STUDY 01.

The 10-tracks include collaborations with Pharrell Williams, John Mayer, and Brandy, who duets with Caesar on the soulful lead single ‘Love Again’.

The song is as smooth as we know Caesar can be, picking up where Freudian left off. But about 15 seconds into the song, Brandy’s voice peeks in, sounding as youthful as she did on albums like 1998’s Never Say Never. On the song, they share their perspectives on the shortcomings of their relationship, but find themselves looking to love again (as the song title suggests) rather than choosing to walk away.

If you don’t quit acting up / Alone is where you’ll end up, I promise

Brandy sings, ending with growling passion. On ‘LOVE AGAIN’, it’s Brandy’s show, and the three-minute song is a great reminder for anyone who had ever discounted her legacy in R&B.

“These are my heroes. People who I never thought I’d ever collaborate with, until the opportunity came up and it was like, ‘Is this really real?’”

he tells Apple Music.

The album, which follows Caesar’s 2017 debut Freudian, finds the Grammy-winning singer confronting good and evil, life and death, and religion.

“I’m drawn to touchy subjects. They’re my favorite. I’ve been reading a lot about Judaism and Kabbalah and meditation. And I was raised religious, so it’s like my operating system. But I also needed to free myself from that—to live.”

he says. Along with the album, the Canadian crooner has announced dates for his CASE STUDY 01: TOUR PT. 1. The international trek kicks off July 20 in Jakarta, Indonesia before traveling across Asia. The North American leg commences July 30 in Honolulu with special guest Koffee on select dates. Tickets go on sale beginning July 2 at 12 p.m. local time.

Stream CASE STUDY 01 below and see tour dates here.

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