Puerto Rican star Ozuna and Brazil’s leading lady of pop Anitta join forces to deliver their first single together. The bilingual track ‘Muito Calor‘ dropped yesterday. It is the eighth song off of Nibiru, Ozuna’s upcoming album.

Muito prazer; tú sí está’ bum, está’ bien
Ponle música que ella va rápido y la quiero ver
Me chamo Ozuna, ¿quiere’ beber”?
En Río de Janeiro vamo’ a bailar hasta no má’ poder

Directed by Nuno Gomez, the colorful music video for ‘Muito Calor’ was filmed in Brazil. It celebrates the Brazilian culture with shots from Rio De Janeiro where people are seen while playing soccer, dancing on rooftops and enjoying life. Ozuna and Anitta perform heating the dance floor up at a local club.

Watch ‘Muito Calor’ clip above.

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