Paolo Palmeri aka Pool is a young artist from Turin.

Class 1990, Pool soon combines two of his greatest passions, graphics and music, creating since the beginning of his career, the first album covers and graphics for some of his favorite artists, such as Two Fingerz e Onemic. All his covers are collected in a Spotify playlist which you can listen to below.

Alongside his two business partners, Dario and Stefano, in 2010 he founds True Flava, which starts to work with famous Italian artists and becomes a full-service web agency with institutional clients.

Pool’s brand Disagio Clothing, founded in 2014, combines his different interests and influences, but the iconography and the original and creative illustrations make the brand popular and viral within a few months.

Enjoy the chat we had with GPool.

How would you define yourself and what is your goal?

I would describe myself as someone who’s very passionate about his job. My main goal is to create something that will be remembered, something that could become an inspiration for all the people who are pursuing (or wish to pursue) this career.

Do you think you have found your way? Or do you still have to define your path?

Yes, I think so. I believe that I’ve finally found the main fields I’d like to work in, namely, fashion and music. I hope I’ll manage to achieve greater goals in both fields.

Talking about your brand Disagio Clothing, how do you think it is evolving?

As I grow the brand grows with me, It gets more mature and the themes evolve and become more important and less superficial. Last September I did a huge rebranding, redesigning the logo and turning the communication upside-down. I took this decision because I couldn’t identify with that kind of symbology anymore, now I feel definitely better, I can empathize with what I create.

We’ve seen that you have collaborated with Van Orton, and the skateboarding scene. How did everything go?

Working with Van Orton was amazing, first of all, they are two friends of mine and right now they are creating incredible things. The fact that they asked me to collaborate with them still amazes me. We designed a small capture collection with 3 hoods, 3 t-shirts and 3 skateboards that were sold right away. The launch went also great, it was planned as a private event in a location that was set up for the occasion. For me collaborating with the skateboarding scene has been a jump in the past. I used to skate, I did it for years and it’s a world that really fascinates me. Skateboarding is the link that has put me in contact with the urban scene. As a matter of fact, in Turin, the skaters usually gather around Piazza Castello, near Teatro Regio, where the exponents of the rap scene, such as Onemic and Atpc, used to meet up.

Who do you dream to collaborate with?

It would be such a dream to collaborate with Stephen Fairey, I love his art and the way he communicates it.

How does music influence your works? Which artist are you listening to the most right now?

When I create the artwork for a song, I listen to that particular song on repeat. I can’t tell you how this affects my art, but if I keep on listening to the same track, it’s easier for me to choose colors and pictures. I’m waiting for the new Jay-Z album to be released, and I currently listen to many artists based in Turin who I work with and they’re also good friends of mine.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve created?

The best thing that I’ve created so far is the Two Fingerz’s music video, ‘Burattino’ and in general collaborating on the creation of the album, Mouse Music. I think that this is the best project not just for the aesthetic part, which I would definitely do it better now, but for what it represents since it definitely changed the way of making music in Italy. It was such a great opportunity and it is one of the most satisfying for me.

What are your favorite brands?

Obey is definitely my favorite brand, even if in the past two years I’ve been crazy for Ripndip, I find them unique and brilliant… I wish I’d have designed that cat!

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on the design of different apps, this is another area that really captures my interest. Regarding the illustration, I’m working with an amazing Italian female artist on creating some limited-edition t-shirts, I don’t know when they will come out!

What’s the future looking like for you?

I feel very optimistic about my future. My profession isn’t easy, you need to stay focused, to make everyone happy without missing deadlines. I’d like to travel more while keeping on doing my job at the same time. Maybe I’ll be able to do it, since in this job I hardly never see my clients, therefore it wouldn’t make any difference if I worked in Turin or Tokyo.

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