It’s called Skate Kitchen and it’s out now. The film is about a group of New York skaters, all girls, who roam the city implicitly claiming the space that a traditionally male community seemed to deny them.

The Skate Kitchen collective actually really exists. It was formed a few years ago in a New York high school just to counter the male dominance in skate parks. The original line-up consisted of six girls.

The name, the girls said in some interviews, was born casually: the comments that came to their ears when they were on their skateboard were like: “What is a girl doing on skate? His place should be in the kitchen! ” From there the birth of the name and of Instagram account that started to tell and show their world.

Three years ago, Jaden Smith started following Rachelle Vinberg, a New York-based amateur skateboarder and co-founder of all-girl skate crew The Skate Kitchen. 

Six months later, Vinberg was preparing to shoot the semi-autobiographical “Skate Kitchen” . Writer/director Crystal Moselle asked Vinberg if she knew any actors who could skate, and of course, she suggested Jaden.

“Skate Kitchen” marks Smith’s first feature-film role since 2013’s “After Earth,” a critical and box-office misfire co-starring his famous father, Will Smith.

Watch the trailer above!

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