BROCKHAMPTON has returned to deliver yet another taste of what to expect from their forthcoming August release Ginger.

Last week, the Hip-Hop collective gave us the single and visual to ‘I Been Born Again‘, and today they’ve dropped off ‘If You Pray Right‘.

Waste your breath, watch the tone though
Take you to the dojo
Roll up my doja, sticky fingers
At the door, bruh, Jehovah, you hoe bitch
Witness sadistic shit, well come again
Next time I’ll take my belt off, spank you
Back here, back seat, not me, got beef
Finally, body black out from rage
Childproof my pockets, don’t need the options
Romanticizing what I do if I ain’t stop me
Can be off me, tread lightly

The enigmatic crew takes over a field for the visual, a scene that includes people painted blue, a marching band, lots of running, and group members rocking metallic suits. As usual, they work with hidden messages and color outside of the lines.

Check out ‘If You Pray Right’ video above and stay tuned for Ginger.

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