Nearly four months after releasing their 13-track self-titled LPInjury Reserve are linking up with  fellow avant-rapper JPEGMAFIA and metal/hardcore band Code Orange for a new, standalone single titled “HPNGC.” The group, after two years of work on their album, is starting to release some loosie songs. Some are collabs, some aren’t.

“Music-wise, we always think to approach it as always wanting to bring something new to the table. It’s funny because, with fashion, I have a hard time doing that without feeling extra. Right now I’m just gravitating to things that are just the basics done really well.”

Injury Reserve’s Ritchie With a T said.

“One of the key things of our process working on music lately has been getting that slumber party, camp feeling going. It’s trying to get yourself back to at least some level of the naive, 18 year old you were – like, ‘Alright let’s make something f*cking creative.’”

Injury Reserve’s Parker Corey recently explained.

You can check out Injury Reserve’s new single with JPEGMAFIA and Code Orange below.

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