Cashmere Cats Princess Catgirl is now available everywhere.

The Norwegian producer/DJ announced the project back in August when he explained the inspiration behind the feline superhero.

“She’s very cute and powerful. I’ve always been shy—since the beginning of being an artist I would hide my face, not want to do interviews, hide behind other artists. I guess you could say I was scared. So I created Princess Catgirl to be the face of my music. She makes me feel safe.”

He tweeted.

On Princess Catgirl the big-name singers stayed at home. Six out of seven songs have lyrics, but they are uncredited.

All of the vocals have been edited in a higher pitch. A Princess Catgirl pitch if you will. Pay close attention to the lyrics. In total there are four different performers. Here are your first play listening instructions provided by Cashmere Cat.

There are no “B-Side” tracks on the album. The short tracklist allowed us to replay the album many times without getting bored of it.

Stream it below.

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