It’s no secret. Netflix has what a lot of the broadcast networks want: creative freedom, no censorship and a seemingly endless pool of money for talent. But what the streaming giant has not had is a music competition series. Until now. And it features Cardi B, Chance The Rapper & T.I.

Rather than releasing the entire season in Netflix’s typical binge mode, ‘Rhythm + Flow‘ will roll out over three weeks. Each week, a new collection of episodes will be released, which are divided into three parts: the auditions, the battles and music videos, and finally, the big sensational stage shows.

Netflix is confident that over the course of the three weeks, the series will grow by word-of-mouth, but they also think that the series holds on its own and can be binged long after the winner is announced.

Unlike other shows in the music TV genre, all of the music coming from the competitors on ‘Rhythm + Flow’ is original, so it speaks to personal stories within the artists. Also unlike other talent shows, there is no record deal at the end. The reward is the experience and the exposure. And with Netflix, that means a worldwide audience!

Another very important thing, there is no censorship. Cardi says what she wants and the black artists sing the n-word without any problem, unlike 99% of TV shows and radios.

Watch the trailer above and then go on Netflix!

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