On Friday, after so many troubles and waiting, Kanye West has finally released his ninth studio album, Jesus is King. The body of work was accompanied by the eponymous IMAX film that has already grossed over a million dollars over the weekend.

Kanye West has sampled gospel music throughout his career, but Jesus Is King is undoubtedly his most gospel-inspired album to date. West’s ninth studio album is full of gospel samples, but it also features many references to secular music.

Let’s see below all the songs sampled by Kanye.

Kanye West – Selah / The New Jerusalem Baptist Church Choir – Revelation 19:1

The instantly recognizable ‘Hallelujahs’ from the album’s second track were extracted from the gospel song ‘Revelation 19:1.’ At around 6:20 you can hear the part West used, singed by the New Jerusalem Baptism Choir.

Kanye West – Follow God / Whole Truth – Can you lose by following god

On ‘Follow God’ West samples Whole Truth’s 1974 track ‘Can You Lose By Following God.’ Furthermore, the song’s opening line ‘Father, I stretch // Stretch my hands to you’ unquestionably quotes his 2016 The Life of Pablo track, ‘Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1’ with Kid Cudi.

Kanye West – Closed on Sunday / Grupo Vocal Argentino – Martín Fierro

‘Closed on Sunday’ samples ‘Martín Fierro’ by Grupo Vocal Argentino, an Argentinian folk group created in Buenos Aires in 1966. The title relates to an historic Argentinian protest poem. 

Kanye West – On God / A Tribe Called Quest -Oh My God

On God” samples the 1993 track ‘Oh My God’ by A Tribe Called Quest, featuring Busta Rhymes.

Kanye West – Water / Yoko Ono – We’re All Water

The seventh track on the album references ‘We Are All Water’ by Japanese-American artist, singer, and activist Yoko Ono. 

Kanye West – Water / Bruce Haack – Blow Job

On the same track, West also samples Bruce Haack’s track ‘Blow Job,’ a title that certainly it’s not much Christ-like! 

Kanye West – God Is / James Cleveland – God Is 

West’s song ‘God Is’ samples the track of the same name by James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir. Cleveland was known as the King of Gospel music and is considered one of the major forces behind the creation of the modern gospel sound and the inclusion of traditional black gospel, soul, pop, and jazz in arrangements for mass choirs.

Kanye West – Use This Gospel / Costume Party – Two Door Cinema Club

One of the most surprising samples (maybe behind the unexpected ‘Blow Job’ track) is the sample of  ‘Costume Party’ by Two Door Cinema Club

Kanye West – Jesus Is Lord / Claude Léveillée – Un Homme Dans La Nuit

The album’s final track, ‘Jesus Is Lord’ samples ‘Un Homme Dans La Nuit’ by the late Claude Léveillée. Between 1:52 to 1:57 West references Léveillée mythical 1978 song.

Some of these are really crazy and we wonder how he managed to find them! Love him or hate, Kanye is a musical genius.

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