Right after his new track with Blood OrangeDark & Handsome,’ Toro Y Moi has released a new audio and visual project Soul Trash. The new 30-minute project follows his album released back in January Outer Peace.

Soul Trash embraces some of the more psychedelic and experimental aspects of his music. The tracks are short and weird! He sings on his own songs, puts together instrumentals and collaborates with a bunch of other acts like Old Grape God and Elijia Kessler. It would be a dream to have a Frank Ocean verse on one of the tracks, he would perfectly match the sound and the mood (did you hear his last single ‘DHL‘?).

The project actually a throwaways tape with tracks stacked on his dropbox, but it sounds amazing. And for sure, it’s better than most of the nowaday releases.

A 30-minute short film directed by Laneya Billingsley arrives with the tape. The psychedelic video features colorfully edited tour footage, candid moments and surreal VFX, all set to Toro y Moi’s trippy tunes.

“Chaz Bear – Toro Y Moi’s real name – and I sought to create a vibrating immersive piece that mirrored the soft melancholic bounciness of the mixtape, making sure every delicate part was exactly how we envisioned. We wanted the video to feel like a sort of tour through internal rooms led by Chaz our tour guide, or soul guide if you will. With a handheld controller, grinning from ear to ear, Chaz navigates the turbulent internal atmosphere searching for each intangible floaty room buried within, each holding a different sound, feeling and sublime visual experience.”

The film director said.

Watch the film above and stream the tape below. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about it! Toro Y Moi is for sure one of our faves.

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