After releasing the single ‘Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.)‘ at the end of September, Princess Nokia has now returned with a brand new hit and its music video. ‘Balenciaga‘ is the latest single which finds Nokia articulating the idea of ‘not caring what people think and dress for yourself’.

The videoclip opens with Princess Nokia standing in a street in Chinatown wearing a Balenciaga oversized jacket. As she walks through the streets she progressively gets rid of all her clothes. Eventually she enters a shop and shows off her naked body while concluding with the following lines:

Sketchers lookin’ like Balenciaga
Thrift clothes lookin’ like the Prada
Whole fit lit, it cost me nada
Bitches always talkin’, I give them all nada
I’m so fly, I don’t even try
I get so high, I can touch the sky
Dress for myself, I don’t dress for hype
I dress for myself, you dress for the likes

Watch ‘Balenciaga’ video above.

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